Wednesday 26 October 2011

Feline Anemia Types

My old cat has anemia
Seven types of feline anemia are commonly dealt with by veterinarians:
  1. Aplastic pancytopenia - the bone marrow fails to produce enough new cells to replenish blood cells;
  2. Hemolytic anemia - Heinz body - an item of denatured hemoglobin is enclosed in the red blood cell. It is caused by the consumption of paracetamol that poisons the cat.
  3. Immune mediated anemia - affects dogs more that cats. Auto-immune system goes wrong and attacks red blood cells.
  4. Iron deficiency anemia - caused by a diet deficient in iron and/or iron loss due to e.g. intestinal bleeding.
  5. Megalobastic anemia - caused by the infectious disease feline leukemia.
  6. Anemia caused by chronic kidney disease. My old cat (20) is dying and she has feline anemia caused in part by chronic kidney disease.
  7. Metabolic anemia - occurs with fatty liver syndrome in cats.
See feline anemia for more.

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  1. Kittens are especially prone to death when it comes to anemia. As kittens have a smaller amount of blood volume compared to adult cats, they cannot tolerate very much blood loss. The signs and symptoms of anemia can look like so many other medical conditions: increased heart rate, failure to void, weakness, and pale skin.


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