Why are lions and hyenas enemies?

Why are lions and hyenas enemies? Answer: because they are both predators of the same prey and they share the same territory. They therefore compete for the same food. The lion dominates this relationship except where hyenas form packs.

It is wrong to say that lions and hyenas are "enemies". They simply compete for prey or carcasses.

The lion is much larger than the hyena. Despite the fact that the hyena is a large predator and has a strong bite and forelimbs the lion will attack and kill the hyena. Hyenas form groups as a defence strategy. Groups of hyenas can force lions off a kill.

One to one, the lion dominates but that dynamic is completely altered when the hyena works together in a mob.

The usual scenario is that the hyenas will wait for lions to move off a kill while lions will force hyenas off their kill.


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