Saturday 8 October 2011

African golden cat pictures

Have you noticed that the same African golden cat pictures are circulating around the internet endlessly? More and more sites are built and more and more people refer to the same photographs and the write the same thing. It is all pointless actually. One good website would do.

The reason why there are so few photographs is because this smallish wildcat is so elusive and to be honest people don't really care. Don't take that the wrong way. It is true though. 99.999% of the world population haven't heard of the cat and the rest are scientists and website builders looking for internet traffic.

You won't find internet traffic with an article on this cat because no one in really interested.

What more can you say? Rather than writing the same things about this wildcat species we should do something about the erosion of its habitat and its gradual persecution.

Sorry if you want hype and an article full of bling.

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