Saturday 8 October 2011

Should cats be declawed?

No, no, no...please no. Why do it? For the sake of some furniture that might get scratched if you don't provide a solid and well grounded scratching post.

There is a lot of argument about declawing. People who advocate it are usually making money out of it - veterinarians. Doesn't that tell you something about it? People who get their cats declawed are usually concerned about protecting objects that cost a lot of money  - cat owners. Doesn't that tell you something about what is behind declawing?

Declawing is banned through animal cruelty legislation in most of Europe. Doesn't that give you an idea that the 20 million people in the USA who declaw their cats are out of step with the modern world?

Declawing causes masses of pain. Would you feel pain if the last joint of each finger was amputated in 15 minutes with a guillotine device? Would you feel just a little bit upset?

All the arguments by all the money grabbing vets in America cannot overcome the obvious immorality of declawing. And we all know it in our hearts.

More: Declawing cats.

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