Sunday 16 October 2011

British Shorthair Price

All purebred cats are a similar price. And the price varies. Beware of non-purebred cats. You must see a pedigree - a chart showing the purebred parents and grand parents and so on going back several years.

There must be evidence that the cat is purebred up front before purchase. Non-purebred British Shorthair cats will be similar in price to random bred cats (cost of shipping and admin but no cost for the cat).

The cat should not show signs of being inbred. I have seen cats that look as if they are drugged - not interactive. Inbreeding can leave cats with low intelligence as well as other defects. Breeders tend to inbreed when selective breeding for appearance. Over bred cats will have an extreme appearance. Go for a normal appearance but the true Brit SH look. The cat should be confident, come to you and be well socialized meaning not afraid of the you and reasonable levels of noise etc.

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Classic British SH appearance - bicolor - photo copyright Helmi Flick

The price will vary between about $300 to well over $1000 (perhaps several thousand) depending on the cat's quality and whether the cat is a breeding cat or a pet. Average prices at 2011 would I expect be in the order of $500+. These prices are for the USA. For Canada I would use the same figures but in Canadian dollars.

For the UK the same figures apply but use pounds (GPD). Everything is more expensive in the UK. It is a rip-off country.

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