Sunday 16 October 2011

British Shorthair Personality

White Brit SH - photo by Tscherno
I have lived with a couple of British Shorthair cats for about 20 days and know cats well. So I'll explain the British Shorthair personality from my experiences.

I will also add a description of the personality from two well know sources, Gloria Stephens of Legacy of the Cat and Dr Fogle author of Encyclopedia of the Cat.

My experiences

The British Shorthair is quiet and unassuming. Their voice is quiet, almost silent. Actually it is silent sometimes. They are reliable and just there for you but do not impose themselves upon you or make demands upon you. They are a bit shy perhaps.

Gloria Stephens

Gloria says that the British Shorthair personality shows independence and affection. This breed is relaxed yet curious. The male appears to be more affectionate than the female. This is an "unflappable" breed of cat. They are suited to apartment living but it must not be too warm as the coat is dense.

Dr. Fogle

He summarizes this cat breed's personality as "genial and relaxed". They are not that keen on being handled, he says. But they are undemanding and gentle. Apparently cat show judges describe them as "four-feet-on-the-ground" cats. That would indicate a solid, sensible personality to me.

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