Monday 17 October 2011

Are Bengal cats legal in California?

Photo copyright Helmi Flick
Yes, Bengal cats are legal in California. There are two issues to discuss. The SBT - stud book tradition (4th generation Bengal cat) is a pure domestic cat and legal anywhere as I understand it even in those states, Alaska, Mass, NY and Hawaii where high filial wild cat hybrids are banned.

There are very few F1 and F2 Bengal cats around. Nearly all the Bengal cats that you see are 4th generation from the wild cat and higher (5th generation+) so are genuinely domestic cats with little wild cat blood in them (12% and less).

There is no reason to ban these cats. The reason for banning the F1 wild cat hybrids is because of a fear that if the cat becomes feral it might produce a super feral cat that would cause damage to the native species of USA wild life.

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