Sunday 18 May 2008

Learning to build websites

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Learning to build websites takes time. I'm still learning but I only started 10 months ago. In fact I learn something new each day. But it's more than just about learning to build websites. You have to make sure that what you say on the site is of a high quality and that means knowing your subject. And you also have to build quite a large website (that's my own view).

But the most important factor of all in this process is to know how to get your website seen by the search engines. Because without it being seen and listed in the first one or two pages of the search results, you are pretty well wasting your time.

Sounds a bit daunting doesn't it? But you know there is a website hosting company which holds your hand, so effectively, throughout the process that you not only get seen by the search engines you can earn money while you're building the site. Sounds like utopia doesn't it? It just happens to be hard reality and I know because I've been through the experience.

I am typing this on a Google Blogger sub-domain to the main website, I started to build the site about 10 months ago. It is in construction. It is not highly monetized - I've just put some Adsense on the site and it makes about $180 per month, which I give away to help cats. Man, I love cats.

My target is about $1000 per month - yes, a long way to go but it's great fun getting there and I earn while I do it and the amount I earn goes up as I progress, which is very motivating.

SiteSell Hosting

Learning to build websites can be fun if you do it with SBI. The President is Dr. Ken Evoy. He participates in the forums, which are the best on the internet. He is very open and his mentality has filtered down throughout the company making it very friendly and helpful. If you follow what he teaches you are guaranteed to succeed even if you start from scratch.

SBI is not a restrictive formulaic type method. There is lots of freedom as long as you follow the basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Take this Blogger site for example. It is part of my SBI site (look at the URL - web address - in the bar at the top of the page). This gives you freedom to use Blogger's ease of use and SBI's fantastic SEO power. That is one example; there are a lot of features that you can employ at SBI to make your site successful.

Yes, it costs $299 normally for each year (SBI runs promotions - currently one at $100). But you know, great though the promotions are you can make 5 to 10 times that figure in the first year, so who cares about the subscription. One well known SBIer made $2,000 in his first 6 months and another top SBIer makes $100,000 per year from Adsense alone (he has a site that is Alexa ranked about 50,000). It can be done but not by jumping on the nearest freebie website hosting business and starting without thought. Try Learning to build websites the SBI way and genuinely succeed.

This is not a boast but this site as you can see is Alexa ranked about 200,000 and getting better. It gets about 2,000 unique visits and about 8,000 page views a day. And I got there in 10 months. And it is all thanks to SBI and Dr. Ken Evoy. When I started I didn't have a clue. Everything that I have learned I have learned from the SBI team.

Get started Learning to build websites and earning at the same time.

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