Friday 23 May 2008

Healthy Green Cat Litter

The more Healthy Green Cat Litter is compacted sawdust. My experiences tell me that compacted sawdust is much better despite not clumping. It is also healthier for the cat, which is something that I hadn't considered until I read an article at

Clumping clay litter produces dust when moved. This dust can settle on the cat, which can then be licked off when she grooms. Also during use the dust can be inhaled. Even humans inhale it when cleaning out the litter tray. The dust apparently contains silica which may be carcinogenic. The dust may also clump inside your cat after being ingested.

Compacted sawdust also produces dust but I guess it's less dangerous. Compacted sawdust litter is relatively Healthy Green Cat Litter as it can be composted after use or burnt. It is also more absorbent in my experience and reduces odor more effectively. The litter tray requires far less cleaning as it stays naturally cleaner for far longer (almost indefinitely in fact).

If you combine compacted sawdust litter with a box type litter tray (a tray with a lid) you keep nearly all the litter in the tray during use (no spillage). Some granules are carried out by the cat between their toes, however!

Instead of commercial litter you can use newspaper as it is absorbent but I am not sure about this as I don't see it as that effective. If you live in a house or on the ground floor in a flat I'd let your cat out under controlled conditions or into an enclosure. She can then go to the toilet outside on earth, the most natural way of all to go to the toilet.

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