Saturday 10 May 2008

PETA killing cats

There was an article in a newpaper recently (forget where) which said that the need to kill (the sanitized word is "euthanized") trapped feral cats was unnecessary. The problem is not that there are too many cats to re-home through the rescue centers but that there were not enough volunteers involved and therefore not enough "outreach" to facilitate the re-homing process.

It seems that there are enough homes for stray domestic cats just not enough systems in place to deal with them. PETA is killing cats because they say they have too. They are being criticized by some for doing this and are seen as being hypocritical. I am not sure where the truth lies save that there is too much killing (about 4 million cats a year it seems - a massive number - we should be ashamed) and too much irresponsibility.

PETA actually have got this wrong. Killing cats is short-termism. It solves nothing in the long term. It is poor thinking.  It perpetuates the overproduction of cats. We need to deal with the overpopulation of cats and feel the burden of it. Then we will be forced to deal with the problem at source: irresponsible people! This is a people problem not a cat problem so why kill the cat?

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