Tuesday 20 May 2008

F1 Bengal declawed and indoors

F1 Bengal declawed and indoors is exactly what happens sometimes and I for one just don't see this as fair and right.

I just read a story about an F1 Bengal cat, which are one generation from the wild Asian Leopard cat - plenty of wild blood then - very active and inquisitive. And what has the breeder done - declaw all four feet! That is rank brutality and I'd be surprised if the cat is not damaged emotionally.

But wait, what does the "buyer" of this cat do - keeps him indoors all the time. Poor cat. What does the cat do? He tries and succeeds in getting out. What does the human do - go bonkers looking for him (and the cat is not in a good state to survive on his own having been declawed). For me (and many will disagree and that it OK) this is a highly dysfunctional situation.

No one seems to be happy in this situation created by us.

F1 Bengal declawed and indoors to Bengal cats

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