Saturday 31 May 2008

Long Hair Siamese Cat

balinese catA Long Hair Siamese Cat is a Siamese cat but is classified as another breed by some cat associations. This cat is a Balinese cat if the cat is purebred and registered with the CFA.

If the UK's GCCF registers the cat she will be a Siamese cat or more accurately fall within the classification of Siamese cats and be given the name "Balinese cat (longhaired Siamese)".

TICA register her as a Balinese pure and simple. While continental Europe's major cat association FIFe calls this cat a Balinese and classifies her within the Siamese & Oriental category.

To all intents and purposes the cats are the same. A long hair Siamese cat with points outside the classic point colors of seal, blue, lilac and chocolate is a Javanese with the CFA. Yes, it is confusing.

It could be argued that a Siamese cat with any number of point types including lynx or flame (a soft red color) should all be Siamese cats. However the cat associations like to differentiate the breeds and/or create more breeds. There is probably a fair amount of influence exerted by some breeders who have a position within the CFA and TICA who vote for a cat breed that they are developing. It is very much self interest orientated.

Photo: copyright by audioeric. The cat is called Sally. Thanks.

Balinese cat history and Siamese cat history are naturally intertwined.

From Long Hair Siamese Cat to Balinese cat history

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