Thursday 1 May 2008

Cats in Baghdad

Cats in Baghdad US bases and other bases in Iraq are being killed by US contractors to protect the soldiers from getting rabies and other diseases. 5,300 were trapped and killed last year. 7,100 were trapped. Therefore a substantial number must have been released. How are they treated and is this right? Clearly the greatest danger to cats in Iraq is the occupying US forces. Another downside of the invasion of Iraq and a hidden one. It is barely news but these are large numbers.

The US corporations that protect the compounds are following a general military order. I see the need to protect the soldiers.

I wonder if there is not a better solution. Can't the forces there make the compounds more difficult for cats to get into to? I presume that there is an order that army personnel are not to approach and befriend cats. Why then is it not possible to punish the army personnel if they befriend cats or touch cats for example. That way it would be the humans getting punished (the people who have created the problem for cats) rather than killing innocent animals.

It just seems to be a hammer to crack a nut syndrome. One security person, a women is doing her bit to help and saving some cats by exporting a small number to the UK -wow but it is very difficult and expensive (apparently $3,500 per cat to ship them out). Good on her (she calls herself Louise but this may be a false name to protect her identity, I don't know) but the general order needs to be amended to be more humane.

Louise, the person saving some cats has a website She needs funding. Although she was looking for finds last November to export the cats, I expect she still needs financial help. is doing its bit to help.

Photo: this cat is being treated nicely by army personnel in Baghdad. What is going on? It seems that the generals accept this but on the other hand kill cats. I am confused. Photo copyright MASSIVE DEFEAT

Cats in Baghdad to warrior cats

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