Thursday 22 May 2008

Cats vomiting

cat vomitingCats vomiting is something that we don't sometimes pay enough attention to as cats sick up hair balls not to infrequently and grass that they have eaten sometimes. It's almost part of being a cat so we get used to it as normal.

This might be a dangerous approach if your cat is being regularly sick for no apparent reason. There is anecdotal evidence that the following can cause cat vomiting (upchucking as it is called in the USA sometimes).

If the dry food is made up of very small pieces a cat can swallow it whole without masticating it. This might make her sick. Dry food is not as good as wet but more convenient. On a separate issue I have taken my cat more or less off dry food (or I give her much less and she is now more active and has lost weight).


Cats vomiting can, on perhaps rare occasions, be an early sign of having contracted Dry FIP. FIP is a nasty viral infection that often proves fatal.

Food that has grain (I am not sure why cat food manufacturers put grain in cat food other than to make it cheaper to manufacture) can cause cat vomiting for some cats. Some cat food doesn't have grain in it. You'll need to check the ingredients, which could be easier to read.

Another possibility is a benign stomach tumor. This is probably operable but if left too late it might not be. It is easy to become a little complacent about cat vomiting. This is understandable but there might be an underlying cause that is serious requiring urgent treatment by a veterinarian. Get her down there if the vomiting is abnormally regular.

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Sources: breeder experiences

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