Friday 16 May 2008

F2 Savannah Cat

F2 Savannah cat Motzie. Image: public domain.

There are links below to plenty of F2s! Whatever the generation, what a cat; the look on this cat's face is so alert and intelligent.

The F2 Savannah Cat is one of the largest domestic cats if you place no restrictions on your assessment of size in terms of cat associations recognition (except for the Serval which when domesticated or tamed is the largest or of course the F1 Savannah cat - see e.g. Magic). The F2 Savannah is probably the most "impressive" looking domestic cat of them all. This is a complete giant of a domestic cat and I don't use the word in the sense of large as this cat is not that large. No, I mean in the sense of the wow factor.

There is quite a lot of talk on the internet about the Ashera GD, Life Style Pets Inc. hypoallergenic cat that looks like an early generation Savannah. People say she is! There is talk of the best Savannah catteries supplying Life Style Pets Inc. (Allerca cats) with their cats. One importation into the Netherlands of an Ashera was stopped and made the news. The airport authorities thought it might a wild cat (it is partly!). Update: the Ashera GD is a F1 Savannah cat and Savannah cats are hypoallergenic but no science is available on this.

As you probably know the Savannah is a wild cat hybrid, crossing a Serval with a domestic cat. The F2 Savannah is second generation. They are high input cats (meaning you'll have to give a higher than normal level of attention), alpha type cats. I'd read the page on this website about the Savannah if you are thinking of adopting. It may pay to read about her character which is similar to the Bengal cat character another wildcat hybrid.

Wild cat hybrids at F2 level bond well with their human keeper but demand attention apparently (read about Helmi Flick's thoughts on the Chausie another wildcat hybrid). There are legal requirements too (I've mentioned this on the Savannah page). Laws change and there is currently I think a bit of a shift in opinion by the legislators against the wildcat hybrids in the USA. In the UK they are still wildcats technically. The first thing I'd do is check the legal position before you do anything else.

F2 Savannah Cat to Abyssinian Cat

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