Monday 19 May 2008

Savannah Cats for sale

Savannah cat - photo copyright Helmi Flick - the best cat photographer and one of the best cats.

Savannah cats for sale are becoming more and more popular. According the popularity poll on my website they are currently the 9th most popular cat. That is a fantastic result for Savannah cat breeders as this is a very special cat that requires a special human keeper. The Savannah is a large domestic cat, the largest registered by TICA on my reckoning and slightly larger on average than a Maine Coon. The wild parent of the Savannah, the Serval, is of course larger and is sometimes tamed to become a domestic cat (of sorts) herself.

Personally I have always thought the Savannah the most exotic and impressive of domestic cats to look at in terms of presence - large and athletic and bigger than many a true wild cat. You can see how this cat compares to wild cats in weight.

You'll find many more Savannah cats for sale in the USA than the UK or continental Europe but things are gradually changing I sense. The number one breeder worldwide is A1 Savannahs featured on the main website.

In the UK there are one or two breeders. One that ranks pretty high on a Google search is Strawbell Pedigree cats. They breed Bengals and Savannahs. At the date of this post they have Savannah cats for sale. This cattery make the point that the Savannah (as all cats in fact but perhaps the wildcat hybrids more so) requires a high protein diet. A lot of the cheaper cat food has a rather low level of protein and lots of water!

They also make the point that any change to the diet from the cattery diet should be introduced slowly to avoid upset. I think I'd try as much as possible to minimize change having just adopted a Savannah cat to allow the cat to settle in more smoothly. Cats like stability so a change of home (and diet) takes getting used to. I certainly wouldn't feed a dry food diet as it contains too much carbohydrate (Strawbell Pedigree cats disagree with me on that). In short it will have to be superior cat food that is as natural to cat as is possible. You might even consider a raw diet cat food but that needs care and skill but the rewards would be high (here's some more on a raw diet).

Another cattery in the UK with Savannah Cats for sale is Salama Savannahs, one of the first, they say, to breed Savannahs in the UK. They are TICA registered and started in 2003.

Although the Savannah is substantially larger than a much rarer purebred cat, the Sokoke, they are very similar in appearance and both have a very flexible spine which bends when they are sitting on their back legs. Flexibility in the back gives both these cats the ability to run fast and be particularly athletic. Savannah breeders sometimes breed Bengal cats as well.

Savannah Cats for sale to Sokoke cat

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