Friday 30 May 2008

Siamese Cat Drawing

Siamese cat drawing
Siamese cat drawing (it's actually more than a pure drawing) - the cat is a Flame Pointed Modern Siamese cat - drawing copyright Arna published here under a creative commons license generously granted by Arna.

There are some talented artists out there in the wide world and some of them very generously let other people publish their work under a creative commons license. The Siamese cat is particularly suited as a subject for a drawing. The drawing above is of Jasper who is a "colour point shorthair". His color points are red or "flame". Jasper is actually a Modern Siamese cat but the CFA register cats outside the conventional range of colors of seal, blue, lilac and chocolate as color (colour) point shorthair cats. Of course the CFA is based in the USA. Jasper may be living in the UK (but see below). The GCCF run the show in the UK.

The GCCF categorize Siamese cats into different groups to the CFA. There is a group for "self-pointed". These are the classic pointed Siamese cats. The points being including, blue, red, caramel, lilac and cream. Another group is "tabby pointed" and "tortie (tortoiseshell) pointed". Finally there are the Balinese cats which are long haired Siamese cats.

It looks like the artist who made the Siamese cat drawing is using a US term so may be living in the US - she is actually living, it seems, in Canada as their business is located there. The artist is Arna one a team of two involved in making cartoons (the other is John). Their business is called dancingmonkeys (a fine website). Jasper is doing the classic grooming routine.

Siamese cat drawing
Siamese cat drawing copyright Arna - I am guessing and if Arna sees this she may correct me. It would seem that she has two cats, the one in the foreground in this drawing is of Jasper, he has the long body and svelte shape and head shape of a Modern Siamese. The cat in the background seems to be a grey cat, could be a purebred and if so might be a Russian Blue or Grey/blue British Shorthair.

As I have gradually built this page I have come to realize how talented John and Arna are. I planned to find a Siamese cat drawing by another artist or artists but why bother? John and Arna are too talented to move on from.

Siamese cat drawing
Here's another Siamese cat drawing (if I am correct on this). Actually it's more than a pure drawing as are the others on this page. Copyright Arna. These two are clearly very comfortable together. I am guessing again but the cat on the left is the Siamese cat, mentioned above.

Siamese cat drawing to Siamese cat breeders

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