Tuesday 4 October 2011

Which cats like water?

Some cat breeds like water and some individual cats like water. Cats in general don't hate water as some people seem to think.

The cat breeds that are known to like water are (a) Turkish Van - this cat originates from the area around lake Van in Turkey. Is there a connection? (b) Bengal cat - the liking of water comes from the wild cat ancestor of this cat which is a wild cat hybrid. The wild cat ancestor is the leopard cat (c) the Savannah cat - once again this is a wildcat hybrid and wildcat hybrids generally like water more than moggies or other purebred cats.

Of the random bred cats (so called mixed breed cats) any one individual might like water. It is a personal thing. You won't know until you have lived with the cat for a while.

Moggies generally tend not to like to get in the shower or bath with you! Wild cat hybrids do do this however.

Of the wildcats there are several that like water. The most famous wild cat, the tiger, is a great swimmer and likes to spend time in the water to cool off. The well known fishing cat hunts in the water. But there are a number of wildcats that hunt in or near water. The leopard cat is one (as mentioned above).

I have a page on what I call the "water cats"! You can read about these water loving wildcats on this page.

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