Wednesday 5 October 2011

What Percentage of Cats Have Toxoplasmosis?

What percentage of cats have toxoplasmosis? This is a question that people ask on the Internet. There are no clear answers.

A research paper that I refer to on this page concludes that "45% of stray cats and 47% of domestic cats in Iowa and Kansas, USA, had antibodies to toxoplasmosis indicating its presence..." There are often no symptoms.

The same figure applies to people. "About half the human population...." carry evidence in blood serum and other bodily fluids that they have been exposed to toxoplasmosis (Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Guide page 68). They too are often asymptomatic.

What does this tell us? You cannot automatically conclude that the disease was transmitted from cat to human. Humans are nearly always infected by eating raw or undercooked meat (lamb and pork).

I think I have answered the question. Read more if you wish.

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