Wednesday 5 October 2011

Are Maine Coons Vocal?

The answer is, no. Maine Coons are said to be fairly quiet. They are known for a trill vocalization. The Maine Coon is not demanding in the way the Siamese might be. The Maine Coon has a "tiny voice" as well; certainly when compared to the loud Siamese. It is relative.

Ken and Helmi Flick's Maine Coon Cat - ZAK
Zak - quiet cat in my experience. Photo by Michael.

However, it depends to a certain extent on the individual cat. Some Maine Coons might be quite talkative, others somewhat silent.

I think that it is wrong to bracket all cats of one breed together in terms of character traits. We don't do that for people.

The Maine likes to hang out rather than interact strongly with people although they are loyal and they form strong attachments.

My experiences with Zak and Quin, Maine Coons living with the Flicks in Dallas confirms the above assessment. Zak was not vocal. He asked through his presence. He trilled a bit. The Flick's British Shorthairs were quieter though, so it is all relative.

See Ken and Helmi Flick's cats.

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