What percentage of cats die from cancer?

Thirty-two percent of all cats in the United States that are over 10 years of age will die from a type of cancer. That answers the question I hope. The high cancer rate in the cat population is probably in part due to the (a) feline leukemia virus - FeLV and (b) the feline immunodeficiency virus - FIV - feline AIDS.

People ask, "what percentage of cats die from cancer?" Here are some feline cancer facts:
  • Of all cat cancers 25% are skin cancers. 50-60 of these are malignant.
  • 0.025% (about one in four thousand) of female cats develop mammary cancer.
  • 17% of all feline cancers are "mammary related".
  • 0.2% of cats will get feline lymphoma (cancer affecting a type of white blood cell). FeLV cats are higher risk to contract this disease.
  • 10% of cat cancers are in the mouth.
  • 0.1% (one on one thousand) of cancers are caused by vaccinations.
  • 3% of cat cancers are bone marrow cancers.
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