Sunday 2 October 2011

Submissive Cat Body Language

Submissive cat body language should be distinguished from defensive body language. When a cat is submissive in the presence of a more confident and perhaps aggressive cat, he or she will crouch low to look as small as possible. The ears will be flattened.

Conversely, when defensive the cat will attempt to look as large as possible. The fur stands erect (piloerection), the back is arched, the legs stand tall and the cat presents sideways on to look larger (maximum body area is presented to the other cat).

A defensive cat will also flatten the ears and have them pointed backwards. This is probably a throwback to the wildcat as it presents the white eye spot on the back of the ear flap to the aggressor. This is a form of visual communication to say that the cat means business.

See cat body language for more.

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