What is the percentage of cats that are orange?

One source said that 5% of all cats are orange. This is wrong. The truth is that we do not know the percentage of cats that are orange. The most common type of orange cat is an orange tabby cat. You can see a few orange tabby Maine Coons on this page and an orange traditional Persian on this page. Incidentally, you probably know that orange cats are referred to as "red" in the cat fancy. There is another orange Maine Coon here.

The point is this. There are probably about 500 million domestic cats in the world and all but a tiny percentage are random bred cats many of which are feral or semi-feral.

As a consequence no survey can be carried out even if there was the will to do it. As to purebred cats that are registered their color will be noted I suspect but the cat associations as far as I can tell do not break down data on the basis of coat color and if they do they don't publish it to the public.

That is it. Answer: we don't know. Orange is a popular color and orange cats are meant to be a bit alpha in character. My guess is that somewhere in the region of about 2-3% are orange. That is a wild guesstimate!

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