Monday 3 October 2011

What cats shed the least?

A cat that sheds the least - Devon Rex - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

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A purebred cat, the Devon Rex, is said to shed the least. Another rex cat can join that club, the Cornish Rex. The latter is slender and rangy a little like a greyhound while the former is pixie-like and a rather small to medium sized domestic cat of charm and character. Both have single coats of fine fur.

Uhmmm...I have just remembered another rex cat, the Selkirk Rex. This is a cat that has the appearance of a sheep! Well sort off. The coat is longer and curly. The Cornish has a curly coat too. The Devon Rex is sometimes semi-hairless and curly.

You'll have to adopt a purebred cat if you want a cat that sheds the least. The Sphynx cat must also feature in this discussion as that cat is covered in very fine downy hair and nothing else. This cat is described as hairless but that is not quite true.

All random bred cats shed in the same way and are double coated. Some are triple coated. It is the change in light not the seasons that triggers shedding in cats. The more light the more shedding. Naturally, the warmer season is also the lighter season so there is an overlap.

Now..please don't keep your cat in the dark to stop him or her shedding!

When a typical double coated cat sheds the undercoat is shed in a patchy way. Full-time indoor cats won't have the changes in coat density that indoor-outdoor cats have because the ambient light is the same throughout the year.

Daily grooming helps remove dead hair and cats like it if done sympathetically.

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