What cats can't eat

Cats can't eat (a) dog food regularly and (b) some plants that are poisonous or (c) plant matter all the time - cats are not vegetarians - or (d) too much grass or (e) anti-freeze or (f) moth balls (g) food that is deficient in required nutrients such as taurine and arginine. Cats might want to eat all of these but they can't. We have to make sure that they don't.

Cat will eat dog food and dogs will eat cat food. Both are carnivores but cats are obligate (strict) carnivores while dogs are less strict carnivores and some people say that they are omnivores. Cat food is too rich for dogs and dog food not high enough in protein for cats. Dog food will not contain the correct nutrients and supplements such as taurine that is required by cats for their health and survival.

Cats like the taste of anti-freeze but it kills them by causing kidney failure. Cats like the taste of moth balls that they kill cats too. Laying down these poisons to kill cats is a serious criminal offense in developed countries. Don't do it please.

Cats can't eat too much plant material. Cats like to eat vegetation to a certain extent but some plants are poisonous (and here) Cats eat vegetation as a supplement it is thought. It contains folic acid.

The ideal cat food tells us indirectly what a cat can't eat. The ideal cat food is a mouse. All of it. The material in the stomach and gut will be plant material and useful as well as the mouse is a herbivore and eats plant-based foods. See best cat food for more.

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