Sunday 2 October 2011

How much are calico cats worth?

"Calico" refers to the color and pattern of the coat. It is a North American term that means tortoiseshell and white.

Calico does not refer to a cat breed. You will see cats of a certain cat breed that have calico coats and you will see random bred cats that have calico coats. Calico coated feral or sem-feral cats in the Mediterranean are commonplace. See for example Cats of Morocco (scroll down to see a calico cat).

So, the answer to the question "How much are calico cats worth?" is as follows:
  1. Where a purebred cat has a calico coat the price will be the standard price for a purebred cat unless the individual cat in question is a special cat (a champion) or a breeding cat. The normal price is around $500 or £500 in the UK.
  2. Where the calico cat is a random bred female cat the value is almost nothing. In fact the worth of a moggie cat is the admin fee at a rescue center. Courts sometimes value random bred cats at about $30 as I recall but an account of the emotional connection rarely made. Although things are changing.
  3. Where the calico cat is male and fertile (rare) the value may be high to an individual buyer. I discuss this on this page.
Hope this helps.

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  1. my grandmother has a few calico cats she once told me that male calico cats were worth a lot of money she is right.

  2. My sister got a calico cat for her 13 birthday and now its very protective. But where we are moving to she don't like it the cat not my sister.e wants to know She wants to know how much they cost.

    1. Most calico cats will be random bred and therefore the cost is minimal. Many random bred cats are given away by neighbors. Rescue centers will charge an adoption fee. Most calico cats are not worth any more than cats with different coats. That's the truth.


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