Sunday 2 October 2011

Are calico cats always female?

Are calico cats always female? The answer is No. Because sometimes you will meet up with a male calico cat but they are rare.

Genetically the color and pattern of the calico cat is linked to the sex of the cat but genes are not machines. Things go wrong and on those occasions you will get a male calico cat.

How rare are male calico cats?

Photo by Giane Portal (on Flickr)

What percentage of calico cats are male?

It seems, and I can't verify this, that 0.033% or one cat in 3000 are male. The Yahoo Answers lady has got the math wrong incidentally. No criticism intended.

Male calicos are usually sterile it is said.

Read more on calico cats here. The linked page explains how the coat type is sex linked.

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