Wednesday 5 October 2011

Are Siamese cats mean?

No, Siamese cats are not mean. It is wrong to make any statement about all the cats of one cat breed because individual cats vary in character.

In any case, the Siamese is an extremely popular cat. On my reckoning they are third most popular of all purebred cats of which there are over 100 but about 60+ are mainstream.

They have a very long and successful history as a cat companion. It is impossible to have that sort of recognition and reputation and be mean.

Siamese cats love human company, like to be close, and are very vocal. Sometimes the sound that they make is loud and demanding. This may give the impression of meanness. Or the film Lady and the Tramp may have given the Siamese a reputation. Who knows. 

Siamese cats make great cat companions. In addition they are known to be smarter than the average cat breed. There coats are silky and easy to maintain. I would advise adopting a traditional Siamese, however. That last sentence will no doubt cause consternation amongst modern Siamese cat breeders. I make it for health reasons (please see here and here).

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