Wednesday 5 October 2011

Are Maine Coons lap cats?

The answer is probably, No. However, individual Maine Coon cats might be lapcats. And we should be cautious in generalizing. Judging by my own experiences and those of experts on the cat breeds, Maine Coons in general cannot be described as lapcats. They are loyal and close to their human companion but not overly dependent or demanding. They don't like being picked up, it is said.

These character traits hint at a dislike of curling up on someone's lap. But....there must always be a "but". The Maine Coon character must vary between individuals and depending on the degree and type of early socialization some Maine Coons will happily lie on your lap, I am sure.

My own experience with Zak a beautiful purebred Maine Coon is that he liked human company but also liked to do his own thing. He liked to play and he trilled often. Dr. Fogle the author of The Encyclopedia Of The Cat says that this is not a "dependent breed" and that the Maine Coon is happy to "pursue its own activities".

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