Andean Mountain Cat Description

The Andean mountain cat has a sweet, domestic cat-like appearance and is similar in size to a large domestic cat.

This cat lives high in the Andes, a barren, rocky, inhospitable landscape with little vegetation. The climate is harsh and temperatures low at around freezing point.. The coat is therefore dense, full, soft and long at 40 mm long on the back of the cat and the tail is bushy and long. Long tails are designed to aid in balance.

Andean mountain cat - photo by Jim Sanderson Ph.D.

The Andean cat has a silver gray spotted and striped tabby and white coat. The undersides are white with a black spotted pattern. The legs are banded with bars.

The skull of this wild cat has "inflated ear bullae". The ear bullae are the middle ear chambers of each ear that contain the bones of the middle ear that transmit sound to the inner ear. This cat species may have exceptional hearing as a result.

The head is round and echos the domestic cat in appearance but has a wild look as expected.


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