Tuesday 11 October 2011

African Golden Cat Video

African Golden Cat - from the video.

This is a truly remarkable video of this elusive small wild cat. Until we saw this video there were a few limited photographs circulating around the Internet. That was it. We can now see the cat on film.

We can see how well spotted the cat is on the lower flanks and undersides and how the coat changes quite dramatically on the cat's back. The color is quite dense and dark on the cat's back. The coat is very short. It looks like a single coat; very tight, in complete contrast to coats of cats in much colder climates.

The head is quite long. The body very muscular and not slender (c.f. the serval for example). The tail is relatively short. This is not a tree dwelling cat but a ground hunter.

It is also surprising that we are only beginning to see what this cat looks like in 2011. It's habitat is being eroded.

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