Tuesday 4 October 2011

What percentage of cats are black?

The wiki.answers page is absurd. And Google.com places it top at the date of this post. Wiki.answers is an appalling website. They say: if there are 75 black cats out of 3000 the percentage is this....well of course, that is straight math. But it does not in any shape or form answer the question.

The truth is we don't know what percentage of cats are black. We know the percentage, very roughly, by observation ourselves. We don't know accurately, however, because there has been no survey or genetic calculations as to probability.

Based on my observations black cats are fairly commonplace. They are not as commonplace as tabby cats, tabby and white cats or probably bicolor cats. I am thinking on a worldwide basis here not just the USA or Europe etc.

On a worldwide basis I would estimate that the percentage of black cats is somewhere between 3 and 10%. I would be happy to be corrected however.

Let's remember that we are talking about domesticated random bred, stray, sem-feral and feral cats here. There are about half a billion of them on the planet. The proportion of purebred cats is miniscule in comparison and can be ignored in answering this question.

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