What are cats allergic to?

A number of allergens can affect the domestic cat. The most obvious are allergens in food, airborne allergens, contact with chemicals such as cleaning materials, and fleas.

Many allergic reactions cause skin irritation. Your cat will scratch. The scratching may be bad and damage the skin causing an infection.

Some allergies are caused by a breakdown in the immune system. It fights itself. A possible example is the crusty nose that affects some Bengal cats - Bengal nose.

Cleaning liquids and sprays can cause an allergic reaction in the domestic cat because the chemicals used contain an allergen.

Some cats are allergic to the flea bite. Some cats don't mind the bite that much. If the cat is allergic to the flea he or she will scratch repeatedly around the neck. Check for fleas with a 32 teeth to the inch flea comb. You'll see the fleas combed out. Deal with that routinely and the problem for your cat will go away. See cat flea treatment.

It can be hard to find out what your cat is allergic to. Do it by deduction. Change the food to a hypoallergenic food. Change the cleaning materials or stop using them. Remove each potential cause and see if your cat has improved.

This page - feline allergies - deals the subject in more depth.


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