Friday 14 October 2011

My cat hates you

The "my cat hates you" website is disrespectful of the domestic cat and the authors are ignorant of the behavior of domestic cats.

I know there will be a lot of people who think I am mad or gay or something else. I am none of these things. I just don't like to see idiot websites built on the back of ignorance that can lead to the mistreatment of cats and any animal.

Cats don't hate people. Cats might and often are intimidated by people which makes them defensive which in turn might give the impression that the cat hates the person. But it simply is not true. If a cat acts defensively towards a person it is the person's fault or some other person's fault. We should not criticize the cat but instead look at ourselves and what we are doing.

It is a site looking for easy visitors. It is site exploiting the domestic cat and indirectly promoting animal cruelty because it promotes the idea that cats are aggressive and mean. A lot of people, especially younger, stupid people consider cats mean. This is idiotic. The concept of "meanness" is a human concept. Cats have no perception of its meaning. It is not part of a cat's personality, whatsoever.

There is enough ignorance and cruelty in the world already in respect of animals. Efforts should be made to reduce it. We should not allow people to built websites that underhandedly promote the mistreatment of cats. It is time for an international regulatory body to police the internet and to get rid of all the rubbish clogging it up. Google are a business. They find rubbish and present it in search results and they don't care. It is not their job to care but to make money.

The site URL that I am talking about is below. I know no one will agree with me and younger visitors especially of the male sex won't change their ways but I am having my say.

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