Friday 14 October 2011

Is declawing illegal in California?

No, declawing is legal in nearly all of California. It is banned in certain places however. The cities where declawing is banned in California are:

City When Banned Voting Pop. of City
West Hollywood 2003 5/0 35,000
Santa Monica 27/10/2009 6/1 100,000
San Francisco 3/11/2009 9/2 810,000
Beverly Hills 5/11/2009 5/0 40,000
Los Angeles 6/11/2009 11/0 4 million
Berkeley 10/11/2009 9/0 125,000
Culver City 24/11/2009 5/0 39,000
Burbank 08/12/2009 4/1 100,000

The above table comes from a page on laws and cats.

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