Monday 3 October 2011


African golden cat

Local people, African's living in equatorial Africa, consider the African golden cat to be fierce. As a result they fear it and use it to bring good fortune when hunting. Pygmy's in Cameroon carry the tail of the African golden cat. The skin is used during circumcision rites. The use of wild cat body parts is widespread generally. This is one reason why they are generally endangered.

The Asian or Asiatic golden cat is classified under the genus Pardofelis as was the African golden species: Profelis aurata. However taxonomy is constantly evolving and due to recent advances in molecular genetic testing this cat has be reclassified as Caracal aurata. Molecular data reveals that it is closely related to the caracal.

This is a secretive cat that lives in the tropical forest region of equatorial Africa. More needs to be known about this species of small wildcat that is about the twice the size of a large domestic cat.

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