Sunday 9 October 2011

Good People in the Cat World

There are many things to criticize in the world of cats. But there are also many beautiful things happening and they are often almost invisible. There is no hype about the actions of these people. There is neither froth nor glamor. The press are not really interested. But it is the near invisible heroes and heroines of the cat world that are the people I most admire.

By all accounts, one such person is Pat Hopper. I don't know her. I have never met her but it seems that she represents all the people who silently get on with the daily grind of helping cats in need at rescue centers and other facilities and homes, wherever they may be.

Douglas County Animal ShelterHaving started as a cat transporter (ferrying rescued cats around the country to rehome them etc.) she now works at the Douglas County Animal Shelter. I think she is a volunteer. She comes in almost daily and treats all the cats as her extended family. She cares, and these cats need her care. She reassures them when frightened and neglected, which they often are when they arrive.

She makes a big effort to find homes for the cats. Not every cat is successfully rehomed. But at least they are loved by Pat in the last days of their lives.

I feel I need to praise the good people. The world is obsessed with celebrity and instant fame. The cat world needs people like Miss Pat at the sharp end, to make it tick along as best it can.

There are many people like Pat Hopper who do largely uncelebrated sterling work. Let's for a moment celebrate their efforts.

The neutering and spaying of cats is one way to ease the burden on people like Pat. There are many low cost spay and neuter clinics in the USA and a decent number in the UK. People should use them. And we should celebrate them too.

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