Cat sounds how to spell it?

This is not as stupid a question as some people might have us believe.  Domestic cats have about a dozen calls but an almost infinite variety of calls between these standard sounds. Read for example about the famous barking cat.

I list below the spelling of some domestic cat sounds:
  1. Meow - this is the normal spelling. I have seen alternatives such as "mew". There are a wide range of meow sounds. One odd one is made by the cat who cries out at night for attention (not sexual activity related).
  2. Purr 
  3. Hiss
  4. Growl
  5. Gurgle
  6. Yowl  - this is also called a "caterwaul". Heard during sexual activity - calling etc.
  7. Trill (Maine Coons are known for this sound but other cats make it)
The wild cats have a wider range of formally recognized sounds. You can read about them on this page. They include such strange words as "prusten" and "wah-wah".

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