Thursday 6 October 2011

Cat Barking

Some cats do make sounds that are like a dog barking. It is about individual cat characteristics. The Siamese cat, being very vocal, is predisposed to making loud sounds that we are not familiar with as cat sounds.

We tend to think of cat sounds as meowing, purring, growling, hissing etc. But there is a much wider range.

My three legged cat cat makes a sound that is neither a bark nor a meow. It is a sound that we would not normally associate with a cat.

Cat Sounds and Communication from Michael Broad on Vimeo.

The truth is that cat sounds and their meaning are work in progress. The video that "cat barking" refers to is of a black cat at an open window.

At first you might think that it is a fake but it seems real. It is possible that a cat can mimic a dog. Cats learn from observation. They usually learn from watching other cats. If they are raised by a dog they might learn from a dog; not only learning how to bark but what to bark at! That seems possible to me. I am not saying that that is what happened in this case.

What is interesting about this video is that when the cat sees the camera person, he or she reverts back to a very typical cat meow. When barking, the cat was behaving instinctively as if in the wild. When the person turned up he became a little kitten, the person being the mother cat. We keep our adult cats in permanent kitten-hood because we feed them and keep them warm and safe etc.

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