Thursday 6 October 2011

Are cats good pets?

It takes two individuals to make a relationship work. Are cats good pets? Yes, if you are a good cat guardian. Cats have been domesticated for 9 thousand years. There are half a billion cats in the world. There are millions of people who have cat companions. These are clear signs that the cat is a good pet.

Cats are particularly good in the modern hectic world as they can care for themselves to a large extent. But they need good food, a safe and reassuring environment, routine, grooming, cleanliness and good mothering from us to ensure good health. Give a well socialized domestic cat that and I guarantee that he or she will be a good pet.

Let's use the description, "cat companion" rather than "pet" as the former puts both parties to the relationship on an equal and therefore proper footing. "Pet" indicates ownership and a subservient role by the cat, which does not foster good cat caretaking.

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