Andean Mountain Cat Status

The population is decreasing. It stood at about 2,000 until recently (2011). The IUCN Red List classify the species as Endangered. The assessment is based on the low population and many threats to survival. The Peruvian government has also declared to species endangered.

The threats are persecution by people who like to keep dried stuffed Andean cats as they are considered to endow them with special powers etc. The prey of the Andean is hunted and the cat's habitat is destroyed through mining activity. Local people also hunt this cat to protect livestock. A change in attitude by the local people is needed. They need incentives to do this.

Conservation has been increased with the efforts of specialists such as Jim Sanderson Ph.D. and colleagues in constructing a new conservation and monitoring center and with the assistance of the international initiatives such as the Alianza Gato Andino.

There are no captive Andean mountain cats as at 2002 (Wild Cats Of The World ISBN-13: 978-0-226-77999-7).


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