Wednesday 19 November 2008

Visiting Ken and Helmi Flick

Today I am travelling from London, England and visiting Ken and Helmi Flick in Dallas, USA. I have been to Dallas before in the summer and it was hot. I hadn't realized how hot Texas can be.

I am going over to thank Helmi for her contribution to the Pictures of website. Her agreement early on to allow me to publish her photographs has made all the difference to the website which this morning has an Alexa ranking of about 109,000. This means that there are 108,000 sites in the world with more traffic but considering that there are about 200m or more sites that is good.

I also hope to meet some people and generally cement the United States connection. I would like to see if some rescue centers in America would like to use the Pictures of website to promote their organizations by using a sub-domain of my website. There are other ideas that I have and we'll see where it all goes.

And, yes, I'll have some fun too. I am looking forward to meeting Nox and Sky, Ken and Helmi's British Shorthair cats (see photo above). Sky is blue/grey and Nox is black. Helmi is going to photograph me with them, which will be great. Visiting Ken and Helmi Flick is going to be a big thing for me.

Visiting Ken and Helmi Flick to Home page

Photo: of Nox and Sky copyright Helmi Flick

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