Monday 10 November 2008

Victoria Australia Cat Cruelty

Of course Victoria Australia cat cruelty that sometimes goes undetected takes place despite the fact that state of Victoria, Australia has good animal welfare law and enforcement. Good legislation can gradually alter people's behavior. In this instance it did not. It is a crime of cruelty against a cat called Bullet on December 7th 2007.

The veterinarian who treated Bullet (and who I presume was forced to put him down) said his injuries were the worst she had seen in 14 years.

Bullet's injuries included a dislocated tail, burnt hair and internal injuries due to sexual abuse. It would seem that is was the internal injuries that were life threatening.

There are some mad and bad people about. They haven't found this one. This is one of the great problems with animal welfare law. Cat can't talk and give evidence. If the cruelty takes place behind closed doors who is to know who did it unless there are other indicators or repeated odd and cruel behavior by a careless perpetrator?

So no matter how well structured and enforced the law is, I wonder how many cases of animal cruelty lead to charges and convictions?

Under the state of Victoria's PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT 1986 the perpetrator if caught and convicted under section 9 of the Act could receive a punishment of up to 12 months imprisonment or a maximum of 120 penalty units (see punishment under this Act under section 9 and the meaning of penalty units).

Victoria Australia Cat Cruelty to Cats and the Law

Victoria Australia Cat Cruelty - Source of this case: a great but very sad and disturbing website.

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