Friday 14 November 2008

Cat pee on the bed

In my opinion cat pee on the bed is probably going to be due to stress if your cat is healthy and the litter is in good shape and well positioned.

A bed smells strongly of the human companion of the cat. A cat's urine is an odor marker of that cat. I think the cat is exchanging scent as if he/she is rubbing against you to greet you or when a cat head butts. These are all putting scent onto you so the cat feels more comfortable.

I have first hand experience of this but not personally. My ex-wife worked very hard and she kept one of our two cats when we separated. He was a great black boy, gorgeous character and very attached.

She would go out in the evening after a hard and long days work. She was never at her flat. He peed once (perhaps more often) on her bed, when she was out. He was lonely and stressed. She had to keep in in too as this was central London.

I guess the cat (he was called Boo Boo by me and Freddie by my ex.) was anxious and stressed and to make himself feel more comfortable urinated on something that smelled of her.

OK, if we have a cat we are responsible for him or her and that means a life style that allows us to discharge that responsibility. It requires some sacrifice and the cat has a say in this process. it can't be all about what we want. Cat pee on the bed can be down to other things but in my view is likely to be stress but we need to check out health as well. Cats react to our behavior and cat pee on the bed is one such reaction.

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