Thursday 6 November 2008

Pictures of a Savannah cat

Here are some great pictures of a Savannah cat, a fantastic boy. He is a one year old cat and he comes from the A1 Supremes cattery. This cattery is a branch of the A1 Savannahs cattery.

All Savannahs are fantastic lookers. A1 Supremes are the best of the best. They are very intelligent, alert, large, muscular and athletic. Above all they are well socialized and great pets.

I love the look on this boy's face. His eyes are alight, burning bright, extremely alert and he has that oh so desirable wild look on his strong face.

Here are the pictures taken by Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs and A1 Supremes of this young good looking Savannah cat. All these pictures of a Savannah cat are copyright Kathrin Stucki. Please respect copyright.

Male Savannah cat

Male Savannah cat

Male Savannah cat

Kathrin calls these cats the ultimate hybrid domestic felines. You can see these pictures in large format by clicking on the photographs above or here:

Fantastic male Savannah cat 0
Fantastic male Savannah cat 1
Fantastic male Savannah cat 2

If you'd like to you can see a lot more photographs of the Savannah cat and plenty of information on this web page: Savannah cat.

The Serval is one of the ancestral parents of the Savannah. See and read about this cat here: Serval and here Serval cats.

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  1. Having cats all my life I thought NO CAT cam make my fall in love with it at first sight, but Savannah did!

    This is trully a majestic animal.

    Best wishes from Ljubljana, Slovenija, Renee


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