Saturday 1 November 2008

The reason for cat microchipping

Here is a story that underlines the reason for cat microchipping. I'll keep the story short. It's about a young cat called Lono, who was barely into adulthood who lived in West Hartford, Connecticut, USA (see the Google map below) with four other cats and Stephanie Nielsen.

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He went out with the other cats. He normally stays near the home. This time he disappeared. He had wondered into a neighbor's home. The neighbor had taken the cat to a veterinary center. Within the short space of time of 2 hours he was euthanized because there was no one to pay the bills. What bills? He was fit.

Whose fault is this? All three parties. Stephanie could have had Lono microchipped but was scared about health issues. There are health issues but the indicatios are that the benefits outweigh the health risks (see microchipping for pets). The neighbor is at fault most for not hanging on to Lono for a while and finding his home or at least wait a while for him to simply go home. What was the big deal? And to take the cat to a vets - big mistake. What are they going to do? And the vets; for me they were far too commercially minded and hasty to put this perfectly health cat down. Almost obscenely hasty. There actions showed an attitude that is diametrically opposite to that which should be demonstrated by a veterinarian, one which is committed to saving life. I think there is an attitude that undervalues feral cats (they presumed that Lono was a feral cat - bad presumption - never make presumptions unless you are forced to).

Is there any legal recourse, compensation? Not a chance. This would be civil action for tresspass to goods (cats are chattels in the eyes of the law) perhaps but it would be simply too troublesome and the chance of success slim. A criminal action is out of the question but it looks close on the face of it. There was no need to kill the cat. Might that action fall under the animal protection laws of Connecticut? I am being provocative.

Connecticut cat and animal cruelty laws
Check out the laws and decide for yourself. The truth is that there is some merit from my standpoint in considering a criminal prosecution but it is without merit as it would not be in the public's interest. The reason for cat microchipping cats can be found in this story but the health risks surrounding the process need to be sorted out. Microchipping is a powerful force in the control of irresponsible people who abandon cats feeding the feral cat problem.

The reason for cat microchipping to Cats and the Law

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  1. This happens to cats with microchips as sometimes they don't scan. Far safer and healthier to have a cat collar with a tag. Then the neighbour would immediately recognise the cat as owned. Microchipping apart from the very real health concerns is a failure.


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