Tuesday 11 November 2008

Cats pets in the workplace

Cats, pets in the workplace is something that is slowly catching on it as bosses realize that there are benefits to the company's bottom line as a result of a more contented workforce.

cat in the office
I'm in charge of the photocopying and odd jobs. "Lay off my photocopier...it's for laying on......." Photo by vtengr4047

I guess it goes without saying that dogs are more likely to be successful in the workplace. They are more corporate minded. If a dog was a man he'd be a thoroughly dedicated and loyal corporate man and therefore successful. He would be the archetypal "yes man". Bosses love that.

This is because dogs are pack animals, looking up to the top dog for directions and a lead. In the peculiar corporate world you have to play the corporate game. Be one of the lads. Muck in and support the team. Be a team player. Dogs can do that. They are liable to fit in nicely in an office environment no matter how corporate the business is. But I suspect that most examples of cats or dogs in the workplace will be in small businesses and small offices.

Small businesses are more likely to adopt culture and particular mentality of the top man as his/her decision is likely to be direct and personally as opposed to being made by the board of directors. Anything a little "odd" or different might get squashed as a result.

Now as to cats. Cats are not pack animals and independent minded. They generally do as they please and don't play the corporate male bonding stuff game. If a cat was a human employee in a large corporation he/she would be lucky to survive unless the business was very open minded and enlightened.

That makes a cat less likely to be seen in the workplace unless the workplace is probably small and independent minded. Apparently by far the majority of pets in the workplace are dogs.

Working from a different perspective cat people are more likely to be self employed or working in small firms with like minded people. The big talking bullsh*t**ging corporate men who thrive in the big companies usually have dogs if they have a pet at all.

Of course this sounds all black and white. The world is grey. There will be exceptions. We want more cats and pets in the workplace.

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