Friday 28 November 2008

Donations to Texas Maine Coon Rescue

I am proud to say that Pictures of has been able, over a number of months, to make donations to Texas Maine Coon Rescue. This is one of my favorite cat rescue organizations to which I am pleased to make donations. This is in part because it is based in the Dallas area and the president of the organization, Christie, is a friend of Helmi and Ken Flick, with whom, I am at this moment, staying. As a result I am lucky to have had the opportunity to meet up with Christie who joined the Flicks and me at thanksgiving.

Michael, the creator of the charitable website presenting a check to Christie Montgomery of Texas Maine Coon Rescue.

This is a picture taken by Helmi of the presentation of a cheque (check) to Christie for $412, representing the donation made in November 2008 from earnings from the website pictures of over the month of October. The site was also able to donate to other cat charities in November. A list of the donees can be seen on this page: Pictures of Cats org Donations.

Donations to Texas Maine Coon Rescue will be a priority of mine. Christie told me that the money was used to part pay a large veterinarian bill.

I also had a chance to meet with Christie and some of the rescued cats at her work place (more to come on this later). Thanks Christie for doing great work and my regards and love to all the team at Texas Maine Coon Rescue.

Donations to Texas Maine Coon Rescue to Maine Coon Cats

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