Tuesday 18 November 2008

Cat or dog fur

We are used to seeing fur lined gloves. If we buy gloves as a Christmas present please remember that the fur lining is probably cat or dog fur from China.

China kills millions of animals a year for the fur. There is no regulation on how they are killed and 2 million or more are cats and dogs. I suspect that the numbers are much larger in fact. And I wonder what happens to the fur of the 2 plus million cats euthanized in the USA each year or the hundreds of thousands euthanized in the UK or Europe.

One reason, maybe the biggest single reason why China will not create and implement cat and animal welfare laws of any sort is because of business. China is obsessed with business and making money and moral behavior doesn't get in the way. See China and animal welfare law.

China is the world's largest exporter of fur (src: Animal Friends Croatia). It seems (and this makes me feel ill) that some of the cats are still alive after being skinned and die 5-10 minutes later.

I don't know if the EU has banned the importation of cat and dog fur and if it has it won't do any good. It is simply impossible to enforce and the Chinese know this and don't give a damn. People simply don't care enough to stop this. The same applies to many areas of animal welfare all over the world. The trade in fur generally should be banned and China's cat or dog fur business should be outlawed.

Cat and dog fur to Cats and the Law

Cat or dog fur - Photo: cat fur by 3dchris89

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