Saturday 22 November 2008

Cat show with Helmi and Ken Flick

Ken Flick setting up the lighting making sure that it is at the correct angle.

I'm doing a cat show with Ken and Helmi Flick today. It's being held in a town about 44 miles from Bedford near Dallas. We spent part of the day yesterday setting up. The set up is very elaborate because the tables etc. have to be transportable and then assembled. Ken manufactured part of the table and set up equipment upon which the cats are photographed. He did a great job.

The lighting is sophisticated and everything about the process is well thought out and designed to produce the highest quality photographs that please the cat breeder and also show off the cats to best advantage.

Here are some more photographs of setting up for cat show with Helmi and Ken Flick:

Helmi and Ken setting up for the show tomorrow.

Ken Flick setting up the lighting having set up the table that can be seen behind him. Different backgrounds cover the table to suite each individual cat.

I'm in a rush because I am about to go with Ken and Helmi to the show today to get those photographs.....(see link below). Doing a cat show with Helmi and Ken Flick has been very enlightening. The standard is very high.

Update, the next day: Click on this link to see the making of a picture of Pixie-bob cat and some more on the Waxahachie show: Day 2 of a Cat Show with Helmi and Ken Flick.

Cat show with Helmi and Ken Flick to home page

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